Can someone play my game and give me feedback?

I’m actually not done with this game yet but I just want feedback before I continue
Game link:

Ok, first things first.
This game is adorable, and unlike what I was expecting, actually has some hope of recognition. Keep up the work!

Some things you should add:
A background. There are three you could do:
1: A plain color. Bland, but will do in a pinch.
2: Background blocks. What most games use, but not dynamic. If you made a candy wrapper background that would be cute!
3: Block-Background. Up to my knowledge, I am the only one to do this with my game Terraria. Basically, use the game world to make nonsolid blocks that will have the lowest showing order. This will allow you to make some complex coding and even animations, or if you want, randomly generated BGs, but it will take hours to code.

Next, some animations. These will help your game feel alive!

Finally, new enemies and obstacles. For example, maybe a candy corn elevator?

@meburningslime thank you for the comment I’ll try my best to improve my game and hopefully put your recommendation in my new game

did you make this music yourself? If not can you tell me where you got it?

@seamothmaster45 I did not make the music and I’m very sorry that I forgot where I got the music from because I got it many years ago.I’m very sorry

The main character is so cute omg–
but uh so far into playing:
-The moving plat form goes a bit to fast
-is that a JoJo refre-
-The music choice is good
-And same with the characters
-When it comes to background you might want to find something that repeats naturally
other then that I really like this game

oh that is fine

@Gummy I’ll try to make the game slower thank you for your feedback

@Gummy it kinda is a JoJo reference