Can someone please help me with my Projectile.

So basically I’m trying to make it so that there are 2 characters that shoot fireballs at each other. However, whenever I shoot a fireball it always goes the same direction and faces the same way if anyone can help please do.

It could either be changing the rotation of the Emit, or something in the fireball object.
Could you post a link?

I fixed it by deciding to just use a completely symmetrical projectile but I am still confused about why it is able to shoot different directions.

I also have a camera problem.

your link is broken. if u get the link right, I might be able to help you. Also, pls specify the camera problem.

Ok, the camera problem is just you need to adjust the screen in the game settings. maybe extend the height. and your game has a few problems too. 1. the blue guy needs to be affected by gravity. 2. you gotta extend the arena,. 3. try using a gui to desplay the level number and the next level text. I don’t really know what your 1 problem really is because i don’t know what your talking about. I need more clarification.

Thanks, I think I fixed it I even had my siblings create another level.

Ummmm, I just checked on your game and I’ll tell you a little secret. the blue wizard is broken. So when you press a move it moves, yet it keeps on moving without any gravity stopping it. This isn’t the gravity problem but the coding problem. This is what I resolved to fix that problem:
<img src=“” alt=“Fixing thing”
The problem was that you had 2 movements on x. I changed the left to forward on the velocity and right to go the x axis.

Oh my goodness thank you I had no idea that could cause a problem. I have been trying to adjust gravity and friction like crazy to fix it.

Oh also does anyone know how I can make a health pack randomly spawn in a certain area?

@“Warren Lowery” use timer output input new random output x y spawn