Can someone please help?

Okie so i made a new game and i want the player to get chased by the zombies but its not working. And i also used the chase example made by JR 01.
But it still didn’t work. Can some please tell me how to do it.

Hey, the reason it’s not working is because you didn’t copy over any movement blocks. Double-check you copied everything.

I dont really quite understand… These kind of stuff is new to me.

There is no motor or velocity block. That’s how you make the monster move. Double check you got that from the example.

Well i did check and i did everything correct (i think) and removing and adding velocity block still dont work. and there is no motor block in the example.

Is there a velocity block?
As far as I can tell, no.

The zombies moves but still doesn’t chase after the player.

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The once block only gets activated once. Also, the velocity blocks are going into the wrong velocity input.

It still dont work. but if you could send screenshot of it. then i would really appreciate it.

Try using this chase example. It could help you with what you are dealing with.

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It looks like you figured it out, my example has 2 objects for chasing.
One points at and follows the player, the enemy sprite is attached on that object.


@JR01 Do you have an example of like when you keep clicking to attack.Then your bar goes all
the down then you wait for a few seconds to start attacking again.


No, but try this @MeCool00 :

  • Timer labeled “Reset Delay” is set to 10, but you can set to however long you want.
  • “Reset” and “Attacks left” needs to be set to the number of attacks you want.
  • Emit isn’t needed but I’m not sure what your using to attack with, just make sure to use the filter to trigger the attack.

It didnt work.
I made some few bit of changes.
And when it zero reaches the player still attacks

Because you didnt get rid of your old attack bundle…
That emit isnt set to anything!

And the label needs to be after the filter.

Oooh I see thank you so much.

Only changes I would make now is to change the filter to greater than -1 instead of 0,
and also output the “reset” to the Label too.

Now that I think about it, my Gun example might also help with this.

Thank you. This one works way better.

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