Can someone tell me why this doesn't work this work?

I watched a video made by flowlab about how to make enemies (Link below). I tried to make the “Wandering enemy” but, it wouldn’t work. I reviewed the video multiple times but couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

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Here’s what it looks like

is the object set to movable?

and here’s the physics

ok, have you set all the raycasts to whatever object the blocks in your game are?

i think that might be your problem

I thought i meant be something with the raycasts but how do I tell what my blocks are set to

oh never mind im an idiot

what did you do wrong?

im honestly not sure but it worked

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Thank you so much!!!

nice, also welcome to the flowlab community!

mind giving one of my posts on this thread a solution?


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I just put the “i’s” and “e’s” bc i made me put 20 characters

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sorry that took me so long. I couldn’t figure out how it worked

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