can someone try my game and tell me what i need to fix. this is my first game

here is the link

i dont know how to make my back ground good pls help

Instead of using enter, just put in the mouse when down.

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 9.50.13 PM

ok thanks,mr,sponge

@FlamesElite do u know how i could make my background better

@tertre Do you have discord?

Okay, so:
First of all, great starter game! Definitely better than my first one lol. There are some tweaks that need to be added, though. For one, th estoryline seems disjointed. Maybe have the monster at the beginning explain why?
Another fix is in the gameplay itself. There are no world borders! Try adding walls of blocks that are just 1 pixel farther than what the player can see so they can’t walk out of the world. Maybe try making some original sprites and upping the character’s jump height? Just a thought. Thanks and good luck!

@tertre there are four steps to making a sprite. This will help you out a ton!
1: outline the character and add in some details with using only black to draw the lines.
2: color the character with normal colors, as if the character is plastic.
3: shade by making some spots darker than others to give a 3D effect.
4: highlight the areas that are either closest to the screen or closer to a light source, such as the sun.

@meburningslime thank you

@meburningslime i made the block texture and the tree but there not that good

@meburningslime do you know how i could make a dash better

Give me an example of a dash and I will improve it.

@meburningslime dash in a straight line

when ever i spawn i keep dying

Moving enemies have the dangerous script. Make the collision only happen when it hits a player!Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 11.41.29 AM
Also, remove ship controls from enemies.

ok thanks

Dashes can be done in two ways:
Have an impulse with a large number going in the direction the player is facing.
Or, if this doesn’t work because you are using velocities instead of motors;
have the dash set the number for movement in “run and jump” higher than it normally is, then it goes back down after a second.


@meburningslime thanks,your very talented

@tertre thanks! Also, if you have time, try my game please!
Only the level with the purple T is finished.