can u help

how do i make one of those platforms where the player can jump though the bottom but doesn’t fall through the top? like those semisolid platforms on Mario?

oh never mind :confused: i figured it out. sorry for posting this FOR NOTHING!!! ( @“JR 01” has an example game.) >:(

Glad to help :smile:

Although, @“JR 01” the way you did it you made it to where the player can go through the top to the bottom by pressing “S”. To disable that, I deleted the keyboard and timer triggers.

Yeah np, you just took out the drop down feature.
You needed Mario and not CupHead lol

:lol: :bleep_bloop:

hey @mtl144 can you give me the link to where you got that platform example?

You can also find it by searching my name.
Example link: