Can we create a Vr game in Flowlab?

I really want to know,it could be fun creating a Vr game.

@Gamer20 Vr, 3D isn’t even implemented so am not sure. Plus this a 2d game maker browser. So I’m not so sure if it’s possible. Plus adding VR would cost thousands of dollars. So it’s hard to implement.

@R0CK its possible to make a 3d game but its hard

Oh,ok.So we can create a 3D Game but not VR.I understand now.

Just to clarify,
You cant make actual 3D games in flowlab, just fake 3D. If you want a good example of some good faked 3D in flowlab, Id check out @todorrobots game Laser Dave

Are you talking ‘cardboard’ VR ?

You should get an interesting effect if you go full screen, split the screen into the Left and Right image.
Now if you have to manage your object with different pixels offsets for the movement, like the parallax effect for the background, just different offsets for L/R.

Should give you a nice 3D effect for a side scroller for example.


@TinkerSmith i’m a bit confused. how would you control it with the headset if flowlab doesn’t have motion control or controller support?

Was talking about simple cardboard 3D, kinda like those 3D photos you can buy that show ‘fake’ 3d when you look at them from a different angle.

I wonder if you could make a side scroller where the background looks layered in 3D. And no, you would not have control over it :slight_smile:

Layered pixel offset fake 3D. For sure with a cardboard headset you would not have the ‘wiggle’ just an example.
Might have a new project for the weekend :slight_smile:


In a way you have stacked ‘layers’, kinda like I did in my car demo Fake 3D

So you would need to go ‘full screen’ and create the images for Left and RIght … .don’t we wish we had split camera, LOL

The rest is maths … different pixel offsets for objects left&right

I would like to try a 2D style approach for a vr game, but I can’t find or know of any VR apps I’m looking for.

Basically imagine the mouse is controlled by head orientation, and also let the camera be moved by the MouseMove from around the player.

Left/Right only @“JR 01” ? Kinda like a parallax to give a 3D impression?

Reminds me, does anyone here have cardboard VR on his phone?
I did a quick pixel offset … by hand, so might be wrong. Could you try to have a look at this image to see if it gives any 3Dish effect?


@TinkerSmith, more like a 360 rotation on the camera based on where the mouse is.
Think of it like the new Curved Flat screen tv’s and the mouse follows where you look at it.

Here’s an example I quickly put together with one of my old examples:

@TinkerSmith I have the cardboard app on my phone, and i use a headset based on the google carboard called the utopia 360.

Cool @F3Art :slight_smile:
So if you look at the image above fullscreen on your VR, does it give a layered effect?

Yah it does. thats pretty cool!

That is pretty cool @“JR 01” :slight_smile:
I am not familiar with those VR headset, don’t own one. On PC, can you set them up so that they control the mouse pointer? Or otherwise, what kind of interface input would we need?

Hiya @F3Art,
YEAH … was hoping pixel offset is good enough. Tried it myself and could see it too. Tempted to make a little game now, LOL.

Any good ideas how to best achieve the split in the middle? IF it were a side scroller for example.

Not that I could find, you could make the VR headsets do anything but you have to see if someone made an app for it. I can see this being made in the future for disability apps but I haven’t found it yet.

Anyways if I could find a mouse input for VR, this could be a good way to make 2D games for VR.
I’ll keep looking

Only way I can think of is to use 2 camera's, but you can do that or make splits screens... ...Unless you want the screen to rapidly fidget between 2 places on the game...

Yo litarly is not unity

Stop trying or turn it into unity I mean it would be cool though but it would be impossible to add it to a website