Can we see Updates & Trello Board?

I’m just a normal user helping my son learn to program games. He ran into some issues. We reproduced a simple one: We haven’t yet reproduced a complicated one where output sometimes doesn’t come out of a Timer.

We’d like to know more about updates and the Trello Board. When do updates happen, and how are they announced, and how do we see what version we are using?

Thats so nice :slight_smile:

This should be the link to the Trello board

Updates are usually announced here on the forum, the creator of FlowLab @grazer has been working on boosting performance and rendering, so although hes fixing bugs and posting about it on the Trello, he hasnt actually deployed a fix in awhile.

I think you can see the version on the bottom left corner of the behavior editor but Im not entirely sure on that. Maybe someone can help me out here.

Were hoping that this can get fixed and then we can get a nice deployed package of patches.

If he doesnt see this post, you can always email him at, he regularly checks that email.

Edit: Actually the editor version should be right on the toolbar on the bottom left.

When an update happens, he will announce it at the top of the forums, with a yellow announcement marker.

As of now there are quite a few bugs out there needing to be squished, and its been a while since the last update, but probably will be a while longer. Hes trying to get the engine ready to swap from flash to HTML5 since compatibly with most browsers will end soon, so its taking a lot of his attention. That being said, he occasionally does deploy fixes before a major update, unless its as important as the one coming up.

I hope he learns, programming is a pretty fun thing to do. :slight_smile:

Refreshing the page will always use the newest version so you don’t really have to check that.