Can you add something for the next update (long time user)

sooo i have a few ideas to make this better.

*add a min and max input to the bar

*add a not to the logic gate!!! (there is a way to do it with a nand and a always but we need an official one)

*when i spawn objects they are way more laggy than if i set them there

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Not already is implemented just under the name of Nor which output when nothing is inputting into it

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Not and Min/Max are already doable easily, but performance improvements are always happening.

how do u add a max and min???

Filters are a really easy way to do that.
Have an “at least” filter. Let’s say you’re doing 1 as the min. If the number is less than one then it sets the bar and number to 1.

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can u give me an example?

PS: i want to add the amount u can hold in a storage thats what i need

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i think i need to explain the problem,
The max storage i want is 20 when u start
but when u buy an upgrade i want the max to be 50
there isn’t a way to change the max in game.

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i mean add a dedicated gate with one input and one output

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Just change the filter and reset number in-game. I did a minimum but it’s easily adaptable to be a maximum.

i dont think u understand i want it to look full at 20 but upgrade to 50 and look full

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 1.09.07 PM

i want o change the max value in here to change using an input

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Oh that, no. You have to use multiple bars.

but there is no way of disabling them from overlapping thats why i asked for it in my suggestions

Delete the block holding the bar and replace the block with a bigger bar in-game by spawning it in.

not a bad idea but it would be easier if they just input a value and it does it for you and spawn objects are laggy as i mentioned earlier

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and i have free version so that get hard very fast (can only have 36 objects maybe its 35 idk)

If you give me permission to edit your game I can add more objects.

Honestly @cailem, You could make your own progress bar with sliding or with animations.
I do sliding in my example in my bundle Library.


*50 objects (hsgsdhxhjdsjshsvvd)