Can you go over my game and give my feed back about the game

How you can bet the game.


ill try it and give feed back

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Link please? You need to provide a link in order for us to play the game.

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I’m pretty sure you’re talking about: Poo in the poo.
Art: 3/10. You did add some originality to this, but not a whole lot. Mostly just cloned blocks, which makes it boring.
Sound: 0/10. No sound
Gameplay: 3/10. Very repetitive. No thing leading you where to go, and the parkour is extremely easy. It also restarts the game, which is questionable…
Game feel: 2/10. Wasn’t really that intriguing. Didn’t spark my interest at all.
Story: 0/10. No story visible.
Overall score: 1.4/10. Keep working and asking questions, and maybe you’ll get up there.

Best of luck,
Masked Studios


Uhhmm ok here is feedback :
The Art: Ok so you just took original made sprites and recreated them which made it really just you unoriginal so this is 1/10

THE MUSIC (my favorite part of any game): the heck where is the music? This is 0/10

THE game: where is the thing to win uhhhh… This is 0/10

The story and stuff: where is the story i need to know whats happening, ieughieuhgwiuerghiweulrgh (1/10)

Full score: 2/10 (Ooh oof)

Please fix it all, thank you - Newgames Games

EDIT: Newgames reminds me of newgrounds lol


You only realized that now??! :rofl:

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