can you make a xp multiplier

in my game I want to have it where every time you kill an enemy you get xp when the bar fills all the way you can level up one stat on your character but I don’t know how is it possible?

You can have a separate object receive messages from the enemy when it is killed to have that object collect/store xp. When the bar reaches a certain value, you can reset the bar by subtracting the current value of the bar by the maximum value it can display. Meanwhile, a different signal can be sent to other blocks to have different in-game events.

If you want an example, go to my game Pixel Sports and click on the object labelled “XP Collector”. While it doesn’t give the player rewards YET, it does give you a basic idea on how an xp bar/collector should behave.

WARNING: Be careful when creating a system in which the xp bar resets, because the first time I did it, it created an infinite loop that crashed the game.

ok thank you!

can you make it take you too a seperate level when it fills then have buttons on the screen to change one stat which then takes you to another level?

Yeah, that is possible, but you will need a few objects that can save, store, and read values inputted into it.

I am not doing that with my own game because it is already overflowing with levels and because it is unnecessary for it (in case that was your question).

I’ve done that sort of thing before if you carry your character over to all levels it will keep the stat changes I found this while trying to make a suit that will up your stats!

would not work for your game though!

Yeah, definitely would not work for my game.