Can you review my first game, its called "Igor Land"

I haven’t finished the game yet, only the first level whilst the second level is a work in progress and I haven’t started on all the other levels. I just want some other people to play the first level and maybe tell me if its too hard or too easy etc
here is the link:
btw click to start the game

use space to jump

just send it to GAME REVIEW


hey @BoxHead when did you start making igor land?

about 4 days ago

@BoxHead then you can send it it to bored jams!



the game looks surprisingly good for flowlab’s standards. [despite the messy layout]

the fact that there’s an intro makes it good. [despite the sound]


the fact that you must press [space] to jump is sometimes forgettable.

the description’s texts are too big.


@BoxHead I like the game. I would suggest making the spikes only activate when you land on them from the top, also move the coins up a space so you can get them when you jump over spikes.


actually @Bmarzi , thank you for the tip but I personally am trying to make a game that would frustrate people and I just feel as if that would make the game a bit more easier… thanks for the tip tho!

oh and also thank you!

@BoxHead I get it, then keep it the way it is because it will frustrate people. Try my American Ninja Warrior game, it will definitely make you mad as you try to beat it.

@BoxHead I’ll review it if you post it on my game reviewing discussion. Here is the URL:

I would recommend the same for you to, @Bmarzi

Never in a million years would I have guessed this was your first game. Great work! (=

thank you! @browngr