Can't extract the angle of the mouse

I just can’t make it so an object knows the angle of the mouse. I got inspiration from another example game, but is just doesn’t get the angle correct. I am trying to make a mouse-aimer. Here is a screenshot of the code:

can somebody please help me, because I have no idea of what to do.

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So Emit will emit in whatever your rotation is, so having the output of it go to the Angle is unneeded unless “Angle is independent” is selected


Why is the X value for the point at behaviour not connected to the X mouse move behaviour???

I think it’s to adjust for when the camera moves but the mouse doesn’t

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yeah there’s just “use screen coordinates” instead of “use game coordinates”

Screen coords don’t work when the camera moves

Thanks, it helped a lot with my game!

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How do you do that though?