Can't get my cutscene to work (SOLVED)

I cant get the animation i made for the cut scene at the start of the game to work can anyone help?

we can’t tell what the issue is if you not only don’t provide a link, but also don’t provide any code

Oops ok hang on that slipped my mind XD

Here is the code

hmmmm maybe thats a glitch bc everything perfectly fine. ive done this code before for my cutscene and it was perfectly fine

What are the settings in the Animation Behavior?

What do you mean? like in the pixel art?

This one, these blocks are what we call “Behaviors” when you click this one theres settings, could you show me them?

ohh ok here
Screenshot 2022-04-26 6.23.17 PM

Oh ok, looks like nothing is wrong, did you figure it out already?

Yeah i think i forgot to choose the animation to use XDXDXDXD

You didn’t look:

Screenshot 2022-04-26 6.45.02 PM
Lol nope XDXDXD


Then why did it say- ohhhh you fixed it then screen shotted it. Alrighty. just click that as a solution to the topic so people know it was solved.

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