Captain T-Cell & The Infection

Hi all,

Try my new game! Its a challenging shooter/science adventure.

This is a great game
Great graphics and characters but it’s almost impossible to control Captain t-cell so to make your game perfect i think you should at least ad some gravity to all ways.
But overall top tier.

@Lilgunter Thanks for the feedback! I went in and changed the gravity settings now :smiley:

@sciencelion Its top notch
Nice game

Fun game man! It seems like the floor spikes aren’t damaging my player though.

@MattKimball Thank man! I’ll take care of the spikes problem now lol

@sciencelion I tried the whole game and have to say gg but the green dog is broke if you go on the floor he can just trap you in a corner, And also the gravity is slowly pulling you right that’s all i have to say.

@Lilgunter Helpful as always man! That dog was way broken lol, I fixed the cornering issue by adding a time delay on his blast and making those blast have less force, he is also a tad slower- both mods hopefully making him more straightforward to kill. Also changed the gravity on the X from 5 back to 0, I was curious how it would play out, it just ended up being kinda annoying.

@sciencelion It was fine except for when i tried to land safely. I got pulled into a fire enzyme.