captain vorgon's second attack pattern; ideas welcome!

hey all,
ive been working on a new final boss level as part of the GalacticoS 1.4 update, featuring captain vorgon attempting to have one last chance at revenge.
ive finished the first loop of attacks, which you can find by going to the “final boss!” (level 36) level of the game > the ship follows your cursor/finger and does not shoot at captain vorgon yet; this part im working on is still very W.I.P.

ive come here for suggestions on what to have for the second loop of attacks. i have some ideas but im open to suggestions! the music (that my friend made) for the level can be found here >
i plan on the second loop/segment of attacks happening at the 1:04 timestamp of the video.

im open to any suggestions about the current attack loop or future patterns. i want to make this boss fight really good, which is why so much time is being put into it. thanks! :slight_smile:

Wait, what does Captain Vorgon look like? Does he look like one of the regular ones with a helmet? If so, I’d think it’d be epic for you to make a cinematic scene (which your game is known for) of him taking off the helmet revealing the disgusting - yet still cool looking - monstrosity within.

@rcreger if you go to the level you can see the spaceship he flies in. though maybe intruding into the spaceship would be a cool idea and there you could confront him! also he appears on the game fromt page, above his ship.

Maybe it can be a stage-based boss fight, as in you have to break down pieces to get to the final, ending boss. It could be like this: Ship with sheild --> Ship, no sheild --> Entering ship, fight Captain Vorgon.