Car Based Mechanics

I need an expression to make it so that the car doesn’t slide one direction when turning:

I think you could probably help the most @JR01
(The object is called “CarBaseMechanics”)


I’m in the middle of school so I can’t explain it much, but you could use this Car example I made to help with driving mechanics. It allows the car to turn sharper when it picks up on speed over time and has gradual increasing speed the longer you hold down. Could be useful.


It looks like those eases are to bring the car to a stop?
I think there could be a better way to simulate friction, which is why cars don’t slide around so much.
I have made my own game with driving where friction was simulated with the motor based on the current velocity

You could do something similar but include more factors like weight


I love this it’s so well made, the 3d effect is so good


To not slide around, you have to use forward velocity to keep the movement with the vehicle.
This would help if there was a motor bundle to “set” velocity, but I don’t have anything like that atm.
I’ll look into it.


Um it’s kinda broken, lol
The car keeps moving backwards when I press W :joy:

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Yeah, I updated it with @ManiacPumpkin’s bundle.

But my car has different forward direction than his- (or the sprite is drawn different)