Car not stopping when x is equal to mouse x

Hello, I’ve run into a problem I don’t know how to fix, how can I make it so the car will stop moving when the mouse x is equal to the car’s x?

Make it have an equilibrium of 32 so it doesn’t have to be at the exact pixel.

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How would I do this?

Less than x+32, greater than x-32

ok I’ll try it real quick

I think a smaller equilibrium of around 8 would work. I adjusted the Enemy follow example before and it worked fine with that small of a gap.


Now is the x the x of the object or the mouse?

Bruh this is confusing…

If the Car is within the +32/-32 (could be whatever you like, the smallest amount that still works is the best) of the hands X stop moving.

It’s still not working did I do something wrong…

Do that, make sure when “Pass” outputs to put the cars velocity to 0

omg I didn’t think about that :sweat_smile:

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