Casino Game Dev Team

I’ve wanted to make a casino type game (Blackjack, Rummy, etc) for a long time, but I also have wanted to work with a team for a while. So I am going to create a team of people who are advanced on flowlab so we can all work together to hopefully build a multiplayer casino game with single player mode as well (against ai’s)

If you want to join then just say so, and I will decide if you are skilled enough to be a good addition to our team.

I’d like to join, seems pretty fun. I’d mostly be for the code because my pixel art skills are probably not what you’re looking for.


I would LIKE to join, but idk if you would consider me skilled enough. I’m not great with pixel art, but I am good with logic and I like coding and stuff :slight_smile:

I could join, but I’m not sure if I should because you’re not allowed to gamble in my religion or be involved with a casino in any way really

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But what if its a digital casino and you arent even gambling real money? I feel like that is different from regular gambling with real money in a real casino, you know? idk just my thoughts on it

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Yeah idk either

The game isn’t really gambling, the plan is to make a bunch of card games like blackjack, rummy, etc. I made the card sprites last night so all I have to do is import them all in. It’s not gambling, it’s just going to be card games.

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Then why is it called a casino?

Idk what else to call a game with a ton of card games, and i know that card games are commonly played in a casino, so i just went with it.

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Agent Y.