Categories for flowlab.

Just a wild thought, we should have a bunch of catagories to sort our games in, in addition to an honors/featured category, which is basically for well done games.

The normal games page would still be around though.

Let’s be honest. People would be sad if they don’t get their games in “honor” page…

Imagine someone starting in flowlab… The guy does his best but isn’t enough… how bad that would be? I may be exaggerating but it can let people down and make them give up in their games…

I think the “climbing the ladder” system it’s better.

Nah, featured games are everywhere on game websites. I doubt this would mean anything

A lot of kids are encouraged by their parents, and not having their game in the honored list may make them lose a lot of confidence, especially if they put a lot of effort into it.

A “Platformer/Top down RPG/Spaceship” sort of category could be nice, but none of the bad games that seem to pop up in the 5th or 6th page and whatnot. As long as it’s decent and playable rather than just the tutorial guy with a bunch of blocks and spikes.