Certain Collisoins

So i want a block to be able to be shot over and still stop the player from walking over

Set the object to uncheck “is solid” and check “enable collisions”,
this way it will go “over” the player but you can also use a collisions in the player to tell it to stop.

Or a proximity if the bullet breaks when colliding. You could use a proximity instead of collisions to send a message to the player sprite.

so when i set the barrier that can be shot over to not solid and collides it reversed what i want. the player walks over it and the bullet is stopped

Set the bullet to not solid and enable collisions


so it works, thanks @“JR 01”

@“JR 01” "Problem tho it goes over EVERY block i want to go over a certain block

Make it delete if it collides with anything other than those specific blocks.

You can use a shortcut by using a Logic gate and the specific collisions

Player ???----\
???XOR Gate —> Destroy
Any object ?----/

could you screenshot an example with xor gate?

I can later today

ok thanks

Basically like this, any object you want the bullet to go “over” will be in A.


cool and thanks!