Change Speeds On Certain Blocks

I’m Making A Game Where I Need My Character (Blue One) Needs To Change Speeds When ‘S’ Is Pressed And Your On Top Of A Certain Block (Blue Floor) But After You Step Off Of It Or Stop Pressing ‘S’ The Character Needs To Go Back To Previous Speed. Would Anyone Know How To Do This?

behavior windows select run and jump gointo run and jump edit the left and right keys
there is a number block go into the number block and make the number higher

deeloonie I know that you can edit the speeds through there but I only want it to change when you are on top of a certain block and pressing ‘S’ then it reverts back after you stop pressing ‘S’ or step off the block

oh then i have the same question

Easy here I show you a diagram


zoom in

keyboard(S) > switch (in)
the collation(Only on top)> Then switch on(Loop it to Off)>Number(# of speed)>then velocity(forward)

Note-place something right next to you or else you fall off and it moves you touch it on top.

Nowadays you can just use a toggle switch lol!