Change username

@grazer can you change my username to: ShadowGaming

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idk if u need indie to change it but if not, could you? @grazer

Grazer can change your username. Just wait

@Ramshacklegamestudios, Maybe?

@R0CK he can and will

he has changed my username twice before

First when I first joined

second not too long ago (he changed it from seamothmaster45 to ramshacklegamestudios)

okay(must be at least 20 characters)

@grazer u there? . .

just wait XX it hasn’t been that long

sry i thought he didnt get the notification @Ramshacklegamestudios

@Ramshacklegamestudios, Didn’t know that, lol.

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@grazer May you please also change my username to CNRGoGreen

@Namiie & @XXD3G - both your usernames have been updated. You’ll need to log out and back in for them to take effect.

Can you name me AB Games?

I mean, if you’re in the mood grazer you could change mine too, I never really like my username, it was just something I did with my brother. If you will, could change mine to “AbstractGallery”.:wink:

COME ON! I Like The Name!

@sab00031 & @buy3get5free - changes are made, but I liked the name “buy3get5free”


Thanks a lot, @grazer, because it seems some of you liked “buy3get5free” I’ll add it to my forum profile name.

You can change your username in setting when you click the gear in your profile

You can’t change you “username” @8-bit_Studio, but you can change your name (if that makes any sense to you)

@grazer Can you please help me change my username to “BasCal”