Changing My Name

I have wanted my name to change for a while now, I remember that grazer used to have to change it, is it still like that, and if it is: I’d like my name to be Galactian. Thanks.


You have an option to change your own name on the website now, but choose wisely because free users can only change their name once.

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Where do you find it? I’ve searched settings a bit.

I think I’ve found it, but it doesn’t let me edit it, and this account if I’m correct has never had it’s name changed even though it did request like a year ago in the wrong place. I came back to flowlab a few months ago after a year and have not changed it yet, am I in the wrong place?

Ayo, a new space-themed username is coming here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smirk:

Oh lol, I’ve had the name Galactian in minecraft for like 3 years.

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