Changing the look of an object

Hello. I am doing a thing where if you click on the button, it mutes the music and it works fine but i was wondering if there was a way to change the look of the sprite when you click it and then change it back the next click.

THis is what i currently have

Make a toggle switch? Or do you want more than two looks?

i just want 2 that i can flip between

Make one toggle start an animation, and make one stop it.

Use a mouse click, and put it to the “next” input of a toggle switch, and then have a ‘always’ block connected to the "in: of the toggle switch.

oh that makes sense. I would just have to put the animation higher priority than the actual sprite?

No. The priority doesn’t really do anything, to be honest.

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You beat me to it, @hihilogic! Nice job!

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it works. Thanks for helping

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Thanks for helping even though you were beat to it :confused: