Changing the number for camera:[top] will freeze my computer or/and reset.

So, when I change the number for top on the camera behavior, my computer simply shuts down, or/and resets the camera behavior upon leaving it.
This is VERY confusing, and messing with my game. Can someone help me with this please?

What object?

The player.


Nothing is plugged in to the camera behavior… so I can’t see what your trying to do with it.

You set the top input of the camera behavior so I’m guess ‘Set X’.
When I plug in a number, nothing happens because its set to auto-scroll.
You could ‘add X’ with auto-scroll but that also works for me.

Camera works fine when it doesn’t have anything connected- I’m just trying to make it follow the player, which doesn’t require any wiring. Plus, even if it did, it’s still just the top behavior in the camera.

Exactly, your not gonna need to plug anything to it… so what is the problem?

Do you need to use the set x input?

No. The problem seems to have fixed itself, though. Which is good.