Character Cant Move

I could use some help. Flowlab Game Creator - lol

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The raycasts aren’t aiming at anything, and they have no target. You need to change the angles and give them a specific object to look for.

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What does that mean? 1 second

The raycast, as the name implies, is a thin ray sent from an object to detect another object. First off, there is an option in the behavior (it looks like a box with the words “any type” in it). If you click on that box, a list of all the objects in your game will be shown. After you select one of these objects, the raycast will be looking for it.

As for angles, In flowlab 0 degrees is right, 90 degrees is down, 180 degrees is left, and 270 degrees is up. If you do not know angles, at least memorize these. You will want to set one raycast to each of those numbers, so that they are checking in every direction.

Also, it showed me that if the raycasts were hitting the specified object, the character was allowed to move. If (I assume) you want them to be aiming at the walls, you only want to move when you are not in danger of smacking it. This would require the “miss” option instead of the “hit” option.

Did this help? I see you already switched to an easier movement system, but I thought an explanation was necessary anyway.

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