Character Changing...

I’m trying to make a Mega Man game, but I need to know how to change the weapon type in game for it. Please help!

You will need a series of “toggle switches” so that picking up a weapon or hitting a button toggles to a different weapon.

Can you show me screenshots or an example on an already existing game for me?

There is no example of a game like this, because nobody has ever wanted to spend the time needed to make a game like this. Once you mess around on Flowlab for a few weeks, and read the help “what’s this?” In each behavior tab, you’ll learn how to make games like eating cake. It’s very simple when you get used to it.

Do you think you can help me a bit? I’ve already looked through the help pop-ups and they really didn’t help much.

I can give a simple example.
Have spacebar connect to a toggle switch (switch)
Then have (out 1) connect to jump
Have (out 2) connect to walk right
Then you have another button like S connect to (in)

Basically, now if you hit S, you jump, but if you hit space, it switches, so if you hit S now, you walk left or whatever direction. You can make any button toggle, and you can make the (out 1 and 2) connect to different gun emits.
You may also have a toggle switch connected to an out, if you want 3 toggles with more buttons. Maybe you have 5 guns.
toggle (out 1) gun 1 emit
----- (out 2) toggle (out 1) gun 2 emit
-----------------(out 2) toggle (out 1) gun 3 emit
-----------------------------(out 2) toggle (out 1) gun 4 emit
-----------------------------------------(out 2) gun 5 emit
you can have the numbers 1 2 3 4 and 5 toggle each switch.
Do you understand better now?

Yeah, a little. Thanks.

charters: 1. your name is… 2. david. 3. kornrelle. 4. dan vager. 5. master boom.

I know! i yustu be confused with CHARACTER move,meant, and now im a collision wiz!

I made one of these with an animation… it is my 4d (direction one) and then one that uses an emit another character. (not the best for health or other things like that) so I would say go with a animation LOOP :smiley: then have a switch that makes it that when you click a button like (5) it changes to a different one. I would show you mine but it is cluttered :l But here it is
Also like the megaman idea :smiley: