Character Clicker Demo!

Character Clicker Is A Clicker Game. Very Self Explanatory, And At This Moment Of 8/12/2017 There Are Only 5 Characters To Collect! I Know Its Not Much But Its Still Fun!

Game Link:

Oh, By The Way, Leave Feedback And Character Ideas In The Comments :S

Update Patch 0.2

  • 2 New Characters!
  • Still Open To Ideas!

Update Patch 0.3

  • Menu Screen Works
  • You Can Play The Game :expressionless:
  • 1 New Character



It’s nice but pretty boring. You should actually buy the characters with cash instead of unlocking them.

Also, what can you do with the characters? Do something with them like they help clicking with you (like in cookie clicker).

this is currently the beta stage. I am just getting some characters in and it to work. I will be adding perks that certain characters give, and I might make the buying part a thing. I am not sure though. I feel like the unlocking aspect is better then the buying aspect. Thank you for the honest feedback though!

I’m not saying that your game is bad, it just needs some more work :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to your next updates.

ty xD

Its just going to be kind of hard having the free edition of Flowlab, but I am thinking of getting indie, and maybe makng this a full blown out game.

Hey, I like the way you did the different screens by making them side by side instead of different levels. You could maybe try using an Ease behavior to make your drag object slide instead of jumping directly from one screen to the next which might look interesting.

Also I kind of wanted to see my character on the screen when I was clicking, instead of having to switch screens to see it.


I’m one of the people with indie here, and I totally recommend you do so.

@jngthree just got it, and @grazer I was gonna do that but the position think went bonkers, so I couldnt and I had free mode so I was scared I wouldnt have enough objects

Update Patch 0.4

  • New Currency: Gold, Characters Generate Gold
  • Perks! Bought With Gold (1 Perk Added So Far)
  • 1 Bug Yet To Be Fixed. When You Buy The Perk, You Still Get The Can Not Buy Message After All The Others, This Will Be Fixed Soon!

Bug Fixed

I am currently working on the second Perk, I gtg for the night so it is not completely finished. I will finish it tomorrow :smiley: peace out every1 and let it flow :wink:

Nice game!
i found 2 bugs:

I can buy the perk +5 cash per second without any gold
my gold score stay as -55

and this

@pixelpizza, that is bcause I upped the gold so I could test, guess I forgot to reset it. And uhm crap… that bug will be a problem…

and it being negative is bcause I have seperate gold amounts for each perk, so that other functions dont run the filter, and only 1 has the label, and so the 1 without the label u use to buy the perk makes it seem like there is a negative number to the 1 with the label if that makes any sencce :sweat:

ok, @pixelpizza I made it so that no character cannot be unlocked b4 the others, but with the perk if it is not a 10 or 5, then if it gets to a character it will not say the message, bcause the msg will keep repeating. I will try to fix this sometime, but I want to focuse on perks right now.

Could some1 help me?
when u buy perk 2 it buys it, but it also says the cannot buy message. I use the filter function to separate those but the fail function gets set off for some reason. The problem is in the gold coin named “Gold” and its the stuff connected to Perk2 Mail.