Character Controls Not Working Properly (Floating)

Hi! A student of mine is working on a game and just recently an earlier level is having issues with the character ‘floating’ across the screen. We looked the Run/Jump Bundle and played with colliders but have not had any success.

Sorry! Game is . @grazer

Hey @creahmc - it looks like the game has no gravity, which will definitely make things floaty.

Try opening the game settings (bottom right in the toolbar) and turning the gravity up on the Y axis to about 50.

Also, there are two copies of the run and jump bundle in your player, so deleting one of them would be a good idea.

The Run and Jump bundle was intended with some type of downward force (Gravity or motor).

If your gonna use the a free roam, no gravity, then your mostly gonna focus on the Velocity.
Velocity is like giving a speed to an object, but with no friction your gonna “float” in that direction.
So what you need to do is to stop the object using Velocity, by applying 0.

Set the UP outputs --> 0 --> Velocity, and this will stop the object when not pressing a button.

Thank you! for helping with my game, I tried your fixes and it really helped