Character Creator Game

Good whatever time it is in your time-zone.

I gave a basic shot at a character creator last night, there’s definitely some creases to iron out and I would theoretically need a lot more variation, but wanted to share what I did have so far for the sake of having done so.
EDIT: Sorry- press TAB to fullscreen the game and make everything a lot easier.

//Arrows Up and Down change category, Arrow Right (not left yet) changes article.
I’m worried that longer usernames won’t fit in the box so let me know how it works for you.
Thanks for reading, take it easy.
~ V


PLZ (when you have time) add a cloud text list feature where you can scroll through people’s characters!


Good note, I honestly hadn’t even thought of that.
This would be tied to a global element to save and reproduce these characters?



Alright so name is a problem- good to know.
Any notes? @John_Shrekinson

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Idk, maybe move the name a little to the right and/or make the Label size smaller?

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I meant any notes that don’t relate to the name

Oh ok. Then no, I have no notes.

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