Character floats down instead of normal gravity

So i was making this game for no real reason (as I should be working on rocky wrath) but the jumping wnt work for some reason. I don’t think its the code because i used the jump code from the run and jump Bundle. (all I changed was the button “Up” to a mouse click and the Jump force to 10.) so Idk whats going on? Help would be greatly appritiated!
Game link: Flowlab Game Creator - Jumper
Ps: Sorry the code is messy, Jump code should just be at the bottom


Sorry, i couldn’t find out the problem, but when i created a new block/player, put in the run and jump code and wired the jump to a click it worked. It might be a bug in, something. Something like this happened to me before, my character couldnt walk, but when i made a new level, it worked for somereason. Sorry if this is not that helpful, i’m really bad with flowlab, its just fun for me.

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Yea of course, Its fine. I donno, If i have to I will bit I dont rly wanna make anther character and redo the animations and stuff

You can copy and paste the animations.

You could make a group and invite me to it. I’ll fix it for you.

Eh its ok, Ik i can copypaste anims, ill do it later

Ok well I just copy’d over the character and it still doesnt work DX

Umm it’s working fine. Maybe increase the number of the impulse?

Wait you can jump full hight without it floating down?

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It does float down…
This is a glitch that has happened many a time before.
This might require a summoning of the almighty @grazer

put the number in X Velocity instead of Forward in the moving part of the code, the problem isn’t in the jumping :]

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Hmmm… might work…

Ohhhh yeah that works.
@grazer for some reason the impulse is setting the player direction to a different number…

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You would also need a toggle for the velocity, tho…
Perhaps a toggle, and then a set number for the velocity. That’s how I do it :slight_smile:

Impulse and velocity take opposite numbers for directions.

Got it thanak you @Autumnwind_cat

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Perhaps I can offer some explanation. The deal here with ‘forward’ on Velo is that it affects both the X and Y simultaneously. If the object is facing 90 degrees to the right, it will travel at full force on the X axis but will apply 0 to Y also.

If you were to apply an always to a 0 and send it to a Velo Y it would have the same effect


Ohhhh that makes sence! Thank you for the explination! (:

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