Character problems

My character (the muffin in 1player) randomly shakes at the start of the game and you need to click twice to use him where as the rest of my characters you only have to click once.

Check the bounce property

its set to 0 @jngthree

Try turning the bounce down to 0 for the platform he is standing on as well.

Tring to fix a problem with my character where I have to double click to play with him, where with another character you only have to click once. I’m trying to fix this by rewriting the code but each time I do this then try to play again the game breaks and starts to play but the black of the background of the editor turns white and I cant play. @grazer

I just tried to play and I didn’t see the white background problem, it seemed to work OK. Do I need to do anything special to trigger that?

its after I delete the mouse click down behavior to try to fix the bug that I have to double click to use him. The behavior is in the muffin character. I try to delete the mouse click then put it back again. then this happens @grazer

Hey ztg5, I just looked at the logic for Mr Muffin. It looks like the switch input is getting evaluated before the switch logic has time to take affect. Either of these will fix it:

  • Connect the “input” of the switch to the Storage done output instead of the mouse down output


  • Connect the switch input to the mouse “up” instead of “down”. This way the read and switch select logic will run when you click down, and the switch input will trigger when you let go.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!! :smile: @grazer