Character spawn new location when going back to previous level

When I touch the door, I will spawn to a new level (level 2) then. When I touch level 2 door, how do I spawn back to a new position in level 1 not the current position that I spawn when starting the game.
I just need the general code.



If you are wondering, I am working on the game Casino heist. The character will collide with the elevator at the casino, and spawn to the hotel level. At the hotel level, I will collide with the elevator, I will spawn to the casino. So how do i create a new spawning position instead of the current spawning position when I started the game.

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To do this, you need to change the reset under the name to keep between levels

Or just make a save. At the beginning of the level, read a save labeled Played?, and if it equals zero then set it to one, but if it equals one set the player’s position to whatever you like. I could make an example later…

ok thanks, i will try it out

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Actually, I tried but it still does not work. Could you make an example if you are free. Thanks

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Welp, here: