Character Switching Problem

So in my game I made it so that when you get an apple you get a tuxedo on your character. I made it so that when you walk left and right the animation has the tuxedo on you but I don’t know how to make it so that when you are standing still you have the tuxedo on. I did make an idle animation which is just one frame of the character standing still with a tuxedo. Any suggestions on how to make it so the tuxedo is on when you get the apple and you are standing still?

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Have you tried using switches to turn the idle animation on?

Yeah I am just a little confused on how to make it so that when you are not pressing a and d it will show the animation.

If you go through the door and get the apple you will get it.

Instead of using a toggle, try a normal switch.

Have a normal switch (off) with the up outputs of the walk to the in of the switch.
Have a filter to turn it on, Finally have the down output of the walk to turn the animation off.

Done correctly should fix it. You know what, I’ll send a picture:

You are confuddling even me, the creator of terraria (flowlab edition of course!)

I will try it

It worked thanks so much! My game is finished now