Character update: Hover Car is finished!

I have finished working on the Hover Car that I added to the store!
The jump was special because well… it’s already flying, so a normal jump wasn’t gonna cut it.
I instead made the future car teleport up and down very quickly instead.
The teleport is the same Height as the normal jump and can be frustrating at times with the animations but overall a very playable character.
Let me know what you think of the Hover Car!


The game is nearly complete, any feedback would be great!

Hey @“JR 01”
You know you can always resubmit your game for a re-review right? Just saying!

Hey, when you need more reviews, you need more reviews @Crigence :lol:

I got requesting reviews down to a science at this point! I even have premade requests XD

I already have seen that @Crigence :lol: . The “ASAP” thing, right?

Well, there are some others!

Check my about page, you’ll see my full list of presets!

I just found it funny how you have a list of presets :lol: That was amazing, and I was not expecting that

You can try it again, but the game glitched out the first time you tried mine and StarBlast.
I’ve been meaning to put a video together but life just slows everything down.
If it works this time, please do review it.
You too @rcreger.

@“JR 01”
I don’t know what i, or grazer or maybe you did but i can now run Drive with no glitches!!!

I’m off to see if Starblast 3 is working!

I haven’t had your game glitch out before @“JR 01” , at least, not yet. So I’ll be happy to!

Like I always say:
“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger