chasing enemys work one one level and not the other

on easy mode it works fine but on hard mode it messes up

add a level to your example grazer and put down an enemy and the player and it won’t work either

I don’t even have to click the link to know what you’re doing wrong. You set up the enemies to follow the extracted data from 1 object. The player needs to be checked to exist on all levels. Every level that you add a new player ISN’T the same. Look at each character. It says:
Object Name: player (or whatever)
Object Number: 2648 (or yknow)

You need to use the same exact character in every level, because the enemies extract from player 2648, but not player 2754.
It’s a very specific process.
Of course you could add an infinite number of extractors for every single new object on each level, but why would you do that?

im confused! tell grazer that you have permission to edit my game

give me a vid on it

Only Admin can edit games, I’m a Mod. Besides that, All you do is take your player, click on them, hit edit, and check [x] Appear on all levels
(or whatever it’s actually called). It should be before you click behaviors, that panel of gravity and movement. Once you click that for the level 1 player, you can delete the player on all other levels, because the one from level 1 will automatically be on all levels, unfortunately, even the menu, but that’s how it works.

i thought cloning is all the same thing

no, clones all have different numbers

and how come you can’t move one without moving the rest?

No idea, I didn’t code the engine :confused: