Check for force applied

i want to check for force when they hit a specific object outside the map (basically if they zoom out of the map kill them)

Are you saying that if a specific object go’s outside the map to destroy that objected?

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Collision or the inView(out)?

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basically super smash bros if a player is launched at the edge kill them but if they barely touch the edge then their fine (this is only for the sides and top)

I’m pretty sure @DinoDev made something like this, soooooooo… @DinoDev show him your example

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I’m not 100% sure I understand the request, but you can destroy objects that leave the map a few different ways:

  • Use the InView trigger
  • Add some objects outside the view, and check for a collision against them
  • Check the x or y positions to see if they are too large (or too small)

if someone is moving 50 or less speed when they leave the map kill if 10 or less don’t kill

never mind I found a solution using extractors and x,y velocity

Sounds like you need a speedometer and an InView behavior:

Behavior bundles>Speedometer>[Shift]+[Click}

this helps a lot actually!

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