Check out my coin flip game

This is an idea I had and I wanted to make it. It still needs some animations and stuff, but the core gameplay is all there. I would love some feedback!

I should mention, it is a two player game.


I somehow got player 2 to get negative 5 chips

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You can go negative. The instructions, rules, and tips are in the description.

Ok, otherwise, this is a pretty cool game. I have a game of minigames that I am making, this might be one! :grin:

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UPDATE: I have added all the “chip transfer” animations. So, after each coin flip, the bet amounts will have an animation that is a visual representation of what is happening chips-wise. For example, when you gain chips, the number fades up into your chip area. When you lose chips, the number fades down and away.

Nice, I will check it out

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UPDATE: I have added chips that appear and disappear based on your points.