check out my new game!

I am back! check out my game

It’s not that good…

I had a go and couldn’t figure out what to do.

uh good but glichy

Man that music gave me a headache xD
I walked around for like 10 minutes confused.
I even played twice. What are we supposed to do?

Even though I have no idea what to do I feel like it may be awesome

theres no story and the music is being wreid and I am still working on it

i have a cool game! is making its way to the first page!

mhx told me he liked it because its a lot like asteroids

Well graphics and music make the game, people will click a game that looks fun but is lame, before they click a game that looks unpolished but can actually be fun.

ttp:// this is my game thats my second best
woops :smiley: