Check platform behavior block

If you can play a game on both pc and phone for example. It’s often easier to use the exact same game on phone but then it adds visual buttons on the screen because a phone doesn’t have a keyboard. I think it would be nice for people with a non-free account to be able to check if the player is playing on a phone or on a pc. So if it’s a phone the buttons can be added or some low detail options can be applied to improve performance.

That may be easier to do than you think. There should be a shake device under mobile options. Phones move, computers don’t. Moving the phone should make the buttons pop up.

Otherwise, a button on the menu to enable them is common. I think CBG did this, and has a mobile settings mode that saves data for less lag.

There was a number of reasons I have a mobile config button. Mainly so I didnt have to clone the game, and changes to one didnt affect the other- TL:DR, it saved me a LOT of time later on, because now I dont have to repeat coding between the two