I have a game with different levels and I would like to know how to make a checkpoint so I don’t have to restart the whole thing when my character dies.

Well I have the perfect examples for you!
Its better to understand by using the 1 checkpoint method,
but I also have an example for using several objects

Single Checkpoint (easy):

Multi-Checkpoint (advance):

Thanks again!

I added the single checkpoint in the second level and when i play the first level, it pushes me back 1 square. when i play the second level, my character is invisible. I don’t know what I did wrong. Please help.

Could you leave a link?

Its the same save so make sure to reset the player save block after finishing Lv1 or you’ll start about where level 1 checkpoint is on Lv2.

Yep, like I thought but backwards.

  1. You have the player position set to pixels and not grid.

  2. You get moved back in Lv1 because the checkpoint is still moving your character.
    Try using a message so you move at a checkpoint only if the checkpoint is in the level.

In Checkpoint:

In Player:

  1. If you have checkpoints in several levels, try resetting them whenever you complete the level.

also, I didn’t add a checkpoint on level 2. Do I have to do that?

I meant level 1

not 2

The checkpoint in level 2 is affecting the player in Level 1.
So it better to use the message in step 2.

I’m just saying if you make a checkpoint in Lv1 or Lv3,
or to start at the begging of Lv 2 after completing Lv1,
you can use step 3.

Thank you!

I don’t think the check point works though.

It works, I meant for the reset to be on the Door collision, NOT the Redo Level Collision.

I don’t understand. When my character collides with the checkpoint( The lever) in level 2 and dies after, it doesn’t spawn in level two.

Because your restarting the entire game when the player dies @CLOSED.
Use the NextLevel block set to “Restart Current”