how do you make a checkpoint for each level?

Do you want reset after each level?
Or do you want to keep the checkpoint in each level and return to them later?

Checkpoint 3 (reset):

Checkpoint 3.2 (keep):

i want it be like when i go to the boss levels or normal levels and fail to defeat the boss or beat the level, i will get to restart that level. which checkpoint is that?

I can make it so when i lose all of my lives, i restart my current level but then the amount of coins won’t save

is it the keep one

Checkpoints are to save in the middle of a level, not to restart the level.
Both Checkpoints work this way.

The first one is easier to do, but it will reset the checkpoints if you move to a different level (like after going to Level 2, you can not go to level 1 and start at the checkpoint). If you loose all your lives, you could set them to reset the checkpoints.

Do you have a lives counter? Are you asking you want to reset the coins or that you cant get it to save? Saving the coins only after completing the level would need a different set up to the one you have now.

can you explain how the second one works thanks

The second one has a Save for every level you go to and they dont reset.
There is a lot more in it, but its made if you plan to return to a level.

Think about a pokemon game, you go to another level when you go to a battle or to a shop.
After completing the battle or shop level, you return to the checkpoint in Level 1.

ok thanks i will try the first one

what does the checkpoint check bundle in player do?

do i also have to add it?

Yes, that puts the player at the checkpoint when the level starts/restarts.

can i have this checkpoint on multiple levels

Yes, place the flags (or what ever your using) anywhere in your game.

and i press r so i can use the next checkpoint right

or can i just use it without resetting it?

Its automatic, you dont need to press R.
You can actually take out the R trigger

Screenshot 2020-06-15 at 4.34.18 PM

can i delete this?

No! Just the R button that you already deleted.

Also make sure to name the Save by the NextLevel behavior

ok thanks a lot