Cheesemonger Reviews

So I was browsing games earlier and I discovered that nearly every game can be cheesed in on way or another, also, it is very fun to play games and find tricky ways to beat levels. Post your games and I’ll play them, looking specifically for bugs, possible improvements in gameplay, and “unintentional features.”

I will review 1-15 based on four different aspects:

Up to THREE possible points for artwork and sound.

Up to THREE possible points for bonus assets: Working shop, menu, bonus modes, high-score ETC.

Up to FOUR possible points for glitches and “unintentional features.”

Up to FIVE possible points for gameplay: Difficulty, mechanics, and controls.

Thanks guys, I will also be posting ways to easily get rid of common glitches and to improve your general game design as I start reviewing.


go at it :slight_smile:

Not done yet but try it

I’ll review those sometime tonight. Thanks for the games!!!

@“my_name (<_>)” Have a go m8,

Wait @“my_name (<_>)” , when you say about the points on glitches, is that losing points or gaining points for having glitches/unintentional features? Just curious, afterwards, I might let you review one of mine. Good luck, and have a great day!

Here’s something a little more polished:

Alright then, @lolpinkshep little dude world

ART AND SOUND: 2.75/3 Nice art and textures and good music. The bonus level’s background blurs when you move to the right though.

BONUS ASSETS: 2/3 Good looking menu screen, but pretty much nothing else, add a shop to make the coins matter more.

CHEESE AND GLITCHES: 3/4 Mostly glitch free, you don’t have a coin jump which most games have. You can however fall of the map on the very right side of level two, and if you touch one of the blocks on that side you die. As far as cheese is concerned, you have one. If you walk to the very left side of level two and spam jump you can go flying and skip the first half of the level ,you can also wall jump and potentially save yourself if you fall. This is easily fixable by simply changing the collision that resets your jump to just “down” and turning of the others.

GAMEPLAY: 2.5/5: Its only got two levels!!! Its really just a basic platform, pretty easy. However the levels are well designed and good looking, you can easily add more levels and some difficulty to!!! This game has some potential, just add more to it so it stands out from the thousands of basic platforms on FlowLab.

Overall: 12.25/15 ADD MORE!!! Thats mostly what I have to say, you can make this a cool game with some additions.

-The cheesemonger

Are you going to do mine next?

@“my_name (<_>)” i really cant add more to the game because i have the free version but im working on a 2d adventure platformer (like mario 64 but 2d with new levels and stuff) witch you might like more but its in VERY early stages of development

@“Johnny boy”'s Rise

ART AND SOUND: 2/3 Good music, enemy sprites, and skins. Pretty much no animation though, also the barriers can get kinda bland.

BONUS ASSETS: 3/3 Nice splash screen, menu, and shop. Really nothing else you could ask for.

GLITCHES AND CHEESE: 3/4 Basically no glitches that I could see. The cheese is real though. If you know what to do you can find “paths” that let you get very high without touching the keyboard, you can get from 11 to 36 touching the keyboard once.

GAMEPLAY: 3.5/5 While unique and enjoyable at first, it gets boring. The level design is very easy at first and becomes EXTREMELY hard towards the end. Also, playing through the same level over and over again gets repetitive. ADD A RANDOMLY GENERATED GAME-MODE, that would significantly increase the enjoyability of the game.

Overall: 11.5 I can tell this is a W.I.P, just keep improving it, the mechanics are so unique and you could do a lot of things with this game.

-The Cheesemonger why not

@ToastMaster64 Temple Run Retro

ART AND SOUND: 2.5/3 Not the best I’ve seen but completely sufficient, like the skins. A bit more detail could be added on the landscape but not necessary.

BONUS ASSETS: 3/3 Nice splash screen, menu and shop, like being able to buy upgrades to make playing the game easier.

GLITCHES AND CHEESE: 2.5/4 The only real glitch is that you get stuck to walls, can you make it so that if you get stick it will INSTANTLY restart the level? As for cheese, basically the only thing is your just super overpowered when you have triple jump, including being able to save yourself if you fall by spamming the jump button. You can coin jump (see top) but its basically worthless seeing as how you can only do it on two levels and doesn’t actually help you.
GAMEPLAY: 4.5/5 This game is very polished, the level design is very creative. Also there aren’t many autoscrollers in FlowLab (wink wink nudge nudge and its nice to come across one. However you can’t restart the game without reseting your save, and I don’t want to lose my overpowered triple jump.

Overall: 13/15 I’d like the getting stuck on a wall thing to be fixed, but still a nice game, very enjoyable.

@“my_name (<_>)”

Hmmmm? what do you mean you cant restart the game without losing your triple jump? The upgrades should save.

Oh and thank goodness you didn’t find the one cheese that made the upgrades obsolete…


I think it is about time I send one of mine in. Here is one of my latest finished games, A Boy in Armor. This is a story game, so there is not too much with attacks, but you are able to try and discover things of the landscape you explore, as by clicking the environment. Here is the game:

And also, please give it a like! Not desperate, just that I’m tired of the plays going up, getting a nice review, and then no like. Thanks!


If you win, I will be impressed, I specifically challenge @rcreger @CrimsonBlackGames @Crigence @grazer @lolpinkshep @“Biscuit Butter” @meburningslime and @MagmaDude100

I have chosen people that have either been here a long time or have a reviewing forum and play a lot of games. All the cheese in the game game from other games.

@“JR 01” DRIVE

ART AND SOUND: 3/3 I love the idea of an entirely black and white game, can I steal the art stile for a game?

BONUS ASSETS: 3/3 This is a very polished game, love the shop and loading screen, all very nice looking with the black and white theme.

GLITCHES AND CHEESE: 3.5/4 Virtually no glitches, when you turn shadows on the shadow is always of the standard car, also sometimes two blocks spawn next to each other and are nearly impossible to jump over. Other than that, glitchless as far as I can tell.

GAMEPLAY: 4.5/5 I like this game and theres nearly nothing wrong with it. There are only two things I would change. 1. Make it so that blocks cannot spawn on lamposts, they are very hard to distinguish when that happens. 2. I’v told you this before, I personally would make the car go even slower and make objects and enemies come faster, not necessary but would be nice.

Overall: 14/15 The best game I have reviewed yet! Its nice to play another infinite game (try mine and this is truly a nice one

@“my_name (<_>)” you didn’t even challenge me…

@“my_name (<_>)” this game too hard