Children message receiving not working

To make it easier to code my game, I’m using a parent to store the code for my summon blocks, however, they never get a single message that i add to the code of the parent.

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Children don’t get their parent’s mail.
You need to set the message to the object type.


No, I don’t mean that. I am sending a message to the child, who has the parents code, this message tells it to spawn a shotgunner, but it doesn’t spawn it, however.

Could you message me a link to the game?

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It’s planned for steam, so it’s private, but I could form an example.



So weirdly, since it’s the parent’s code that’s running.
The message needs to be sent to the parent to work.

Very similar to how parent collision is detected on the child,
though this may be changed later updates of Flowlab…

Also sorry for the late reply, I’m getting over a cold/flu

Me and grazer went over this on discord, he said he’ll fix the “bug”, idk why he used quotations. It’s fine, I know how it can feel to get a fever while working on stuff, it can make it really difficult to focus.

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I just went over it with Grazer in greater detail on Discord as well,
it’s not really a bug but it’s definitely something that may be updated later to make more sense…