Choose your player menu.

Hi is it possible to to choose your player, and have the same game with a different choice of players?

Yes just make it so when you click on a button it goes to a game with everything the same just the character is different. To make it so it goes to the level in which that character is make a box or whatever but have the logic click- down goes to next level.

Thanks ztg5 do you have that in an example in a game, I more of a visual type, thanks :slight_smile:

Check out my game if this doesn’t work for u then i will make a different visual. in the case of my game the opponent is different but u can just make yours different

Just be aware that if the different players are going to have animations, you will need to create animations for each player. Anything otherwise, you won’t have to change, as far as I can think.

If it’s just one object with different colors, you could just animate the player to that colored object when playing the game, instead of creating an array of actors.