Play my ripoff minecraft! Still a work in progress, though. So just do some stuff

Link is

I freaking love the name lol. Is there any current way you can control the character?

Also, I like the animations, esp. the block breaking.

Awesome, I love it.

@“Francis Cabobos”
Hey there, i have a discussion where you can submit your game by pasting the game link and I’ll try to give it a high-quality review ASAP!

…You stole what I was gonna say @Crigence … Nonetheless, how’d you like if I could also review your game @“Francis Cabobos” ? All you have to do is send your game to my discussion, Bored Reviews, and I will review it, and I will also give you a like on your game! Win win situation! Here is the link: .

And like I always say:
“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger