Classroom activities for students

I was wondering if any teacher had any activities for students to work on creating a game. I know that we have the 6 lessons available in PDF but I just wanted to know what else other teachers are doing out there. I am showing the youtube flowlab tutorials to my students so they can watch every step to make their own games.

Also, is there anyone using a grading rubric to score the game for students? If so, would you please share it?

I think it would be a great idea to add a category here in the forums for teachers.

Thank you.


This is Optimus Prime speaking. I am not a teacher, but you can use this site I found on the World Wide Web to grade your students work, as I have seen other Flowlab users use it to rank games.
Tier List Maker for Everything - TierMaker


Welcome @Arlo_Calles,
It would be really helpful if teachers have their own category for topics just like this, but I could suggest some ideas if you like. Depending on the progress of the students and how well they are using Flowlab, I would like to suggest projects like making games around set themes (like space, obstacles, shooting, etc) or try recreating classic games like asteroids and pong.

As for grading rubrics, there are many rubrics I found for game design such as But a rubric suggest I would like to suggest is the semi-annual game jam that’s here on Flowlab. The Flowjam rubric can be viewed here.