Claus's Compensation

Santa Claus is feeling insecure about his small candy cane. Help him in his attempt to compensate, and build the tallest candy cane in the North Pole!
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Made in 12 hours for school game competition




how do you move

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click and drag the elf guys to make a stack

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it looks cool! I’m not sure how to play it, though; I don’t get any more elves, how can I stack higher?

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It was sloppily made, so if you don’t get another elf after stacking the previous one in the right spot I’d recommend reloading

ok cool! I figured it out, it’s because I hadn’t built the bottom candy cane block before I started stacking

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Shrek Do You Think Hes Compensating For Something GIF - Shrek Do You Think Hes Compensating For Something Compensating GIFs

Bruh the red elf fell out of bounds, its as if there was no block beneath him offscreen

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yes and no, Unfortunately I didnt have time to fix this bug. The elf stops when it detects a block beneath it, and if its already inside the floor, it wont be able to detect the floor to stop falling, if that makes sense.

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Oh okay.


Bug Fix:
Fixed a few bugs that were bothering me:

  • Elves can no longer fall through the ground
  • Click and drag is much smoother and less glitchy
  • Built candy-cane no longer replays the building sounds/animation when the tinker elf is placed next too it
  • Minor Candy-cane bug fixes


  • Animation when tinker elf respawns
  • Reindeer particles
  • Sounds for both reindeer and elves

Additionally Added:

  • New foe: Penguin