Clearing Things Up:

I’ve noticed some things going on. And before you scold me, users of Flowlab, this is correct placement of a post.

People want a sprite editing update, and fast. So, I did some hunting, and found out that @grazer does intend to do one. So, you don’t need to make a post about this if you haven’t already. @grazer is planning a sprite editor update some time in the future, so in the meantime, just chill.
Have a nice day, Flowlab! (=

Trello board here:

You can see what bugs grazer is aware of or which features he’s planning to add.

Thanks, @Latif! Yeah, that’s going to help a lot, too.
Also, I like the new profile pic. (Don’t know how long you’ve had it, but this is my first time seeing it)

Thanks for posting that @Latif

Also, just to make folks aware of what’s in progress - I’m currently working on re-enabling multiplayer, so unless something changes drastically the next update will have an alpha version of multiplayer to start testing again.

@browngr @Latif , if you have any future Ideas, don’t forget to post here:

Thanks, @“The Kodex”!